Jet Li smacked a pimp?

by - 9:56 PM

Friday, September 28, 2007

I just seen this video. The you tube profile for this video says it was added on file 11 months ago. Look what happened to the guy when Jet Li hit him once. He was not able to stand up right away and had a hard time walking.

Jet Li (born April 26, 1963) is a Chinese martial artist, actor, Wushu champion, and international film star. After three years of intensive training, Li won his first national championship for the Beijing Wushu Team. After retiring at age 17, he went on to win great acclaim in China as an actor making his debut with the film Shaolin Temple (1982). He went onto appearing in many critically acclaimed and martial arts epic films most notably the Once Upon a Time in China where he portrayed folk hero Wong Fei Hung. His first role in a Hollywood movie was as a villain in Lethal Weapon 4 (1998), but his first Hollywood film leading role was in Romeo Must Die. He has gone on to star in many Hollywood films mostly recently starring in the action film War (2007).


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